Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Godhra and Lies!

Now that the Godhra verdict is out it is clear that it was a premeditated attack by fanatics to purposefully kill innocent people in the coach S-6. This is very much in line with the Nanavati Comission report.

Just a couple of questions that pop up in my mind. 

Two years after the incident then Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav appointed Justice U C Banerjee to investigate Godhra incident.  Banerjee released a report suggesting fire being an accident. He also made sure that the report is published right before Bihar elections.

Why does a former judge cannot even tell the difference between accident and planned carnage ?  

There are only three possibilities here.

One possibility is Banerjee made a big mistake in judgment.  May be he was misled by false evidence. If this is true then he should come forward and explain where did he miss the facts. This will help to avoid such mistakes in future. Coincidently enough Laloo and Banarjee both are staying away from Gujarat verdict.

Second possibility is little horrifying and very less probable.  Banarjee might be not smart enough to know or understand what happened. Banarjee,  kya aap pachavi pass se tej hai? This also needs some explanation from him.

Given the timing of report release if both the above possibilities turn out to be wrong then the third possibility could be that he sold his judgment and made report per Laloo. If this is the case then an independent investigation against Banarjee should be started and they should look at how the investigation was carried out. 

We know there are some looters, losers and criminals who are ministers and top bureaucrats but if a former Judge is also found to be part of this nexus then people will lose the trust on judicial system.

Any way riots, killings are bad. We have to move forward towards progress and prosperity. Gujarati people have made that choice and they have been progressing. I am just wondering how long will it take for others!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Excuse !

Manmohan Singh has admitted 'compromises' due to ‘coalition politics. Once these unprecedented 'compromises' start, where is this going to end? The coalition is still there , are there any other 'compromises' being done? How do we know until the media brings it to us? Off course the media is real culprit for tarnishing image of this country. They are the ones exposing all scams.  While Mr. Manmohan Singh is trying is best to hide all these for the sake of reputation of the country. What a schoolboy excuse!

Once he has lost the moral ground then there is no limit to the extent they can go. Once you lose ethics it is hard to gain. He admitted that he can fall for ‘compromises’ under coalition pressure. I can’t believe this! If he is so innocent why did he oppose impartial investigation? Why did he let Quatrochi go? Why did he let his (congress not just DMK) minsters plunder? Do you think He or Mrs. Sonia Gandhi did not know this at all?

PM Narsiha rao was great PM , he was self-reliant and he used Manmohan Singh's expertize to open up the economy. Now the same Manmohan Singh is being used to falsely portray a 'clean' picture of a corrupt government. Manmohan Singh is like a puppet he is as good as his master at the time.

This creates a big problem for India. A helpless leader cannot take care of the entire nation. I am not suggesting that he steps down because there are plenty of puppets who can take his position and do exactly the same things. I would like to request him to be strong, self-reliant and take ‘immediate’ swift action no matter what. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

India : Decade of Scams - Updated Daily (Courtesy: Govt)

  1. ISRO Spectrum Scam (2011)
  2. 2G spectrum scam
  3. Adarsh Housing Society scam 
  4. Officer murderd by Oil mafia  (as a result of oil mafia racket)
  5. IPL
  6. Maharashtra CM shielding Congress MLA from complaints on money lending by poor farmers
  7. Karnatakka CM real estate Scam
  8. Ketan Parekh Scandal, Barak Missile Deal Scandal
  9. Taj corridor case
  10. Telgi scandal
  11. Nitish Katara Murder Case
  12. Oil-for-food programme scam (Natwar Singh)
  13. Jessica Lal case
  14. Human Trafficking Scam involving Babubhai Katara
  15. Cash-for-votes scandal
  16. Satyam scandal
  17. Madhu Koda, laundering money worth over Rs. 4000 crores
  18. Gegong Apang, public distribution scam
Please add any missing scams in the comments, will update here.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Swiss Leaks, Tunisia and Raja

Although human mind is very complex, human actions are often predictable. Most conscious actions are driven by motivation. Hunger, greed and fear are probably few of the very strong motivational factors. If we are able to look at the actions of Indian Government we can associate all these motivations to their current actions. How? Let’s look at few seemingly mutually exclusive events that happened over last few days.

17 January 2011: Wikileaks given data on Swiss bank accounts
“A former Swiss banker has passed on data containing account details of 2,000 prominent people to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Mr Assange promised full disclosure once the information had been vetted. The data covers multinationals, financial firms and wealthy individuals from many countries, including the UK, US and Germany, and covers the period 1990-2009, according to a report in Swiss newspaper Der Sonntag.”
The details of the news are here:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-12205690
What does this mean for India? We know that most of Indian politicians and businessman are accused of stashing huge amount of money in Swiss Bank accounts. This money is looted from common people in India either through corruption or tax evasion. This money is looted through scams in many huger projects, fodder projects, arm purchase deals, telecom deals, games organization, infrastructure projects you name it!  चोरों के भी उसूल होते है !(even thieves have rules!) but unfortunately that is not true with these scamsters. They hold big posts in public offices, they are supposed to be the guardians, caretakers and at the same time at the service of the nation and people. They take oath to do so but when the time comes the motivation of power hunger and greed overpowers them. Very sad!

22 January 2011: Tunisian police join protesters calling for PM's resignation
On Saturday, police joined thousands of protesters on the streets of Tunis demanding the cabinet to resign. Until a week ago the police were defending the now-ousted government of Mr Ben Ali, but the officers said they too were victims of the former regime, with many chanting: "We are innocent of the blood of the martyrs!"
The details of the news are here:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-12259349
Tunisians got fed up of the selfish, corrupt, inactive and incapable politicians and came out against them. The police refused to side with the corrupt. Similar protests are happening in Yemen and Egypt. The Military or police are refusing to attack and kill protesters. That leaves no option to the politicians but to fly away. Can it happen India? The politicians, bureaucrats and businessman have given every reason to say yes but not the Indian people. People still don’t seem to have any strong feelings towards these looters. The government’s role in rampant corruption is also highlighted due to deliberate inaction. But there are no widespread protests. Are you sleeping when your house is being looted by the watchman?

2 February 2011: Indian police arrest ex-telecoms minister A Raja
India's former Telecom Minister A Raja at the Central Bureau of Investigation in Delhi on 24 December 2010 A Raja quit in November amid what has been described as India's biggest corruption investigation. Auditors estimate the mis-selling of the licences cost the exchequer nearly $40bn (£24.5bn) in lost revenue. The scandal has prompted India's worst political stand-off in recent times. Mr Raja belongs to the DMK party, an ally of the ruling Congress government. A DMK spokesman said Mr Raja's arrest would not affect the party's ties with the Congress.
The details of the news are here:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-south-asia-12344236
This is little too late! Prime Minister Manmohan Singh knew or at least was warned by others (read Subramaniam Swami for one) about the unprecedented corruption right from the beginning. They waited for more than 2 years for any kind of action. Culprits used this time to destroy all evidence, moved the money around and survive the future court case. With the corrupt history of Congress (who helped Beforce corruption beneficiary, Italian citizen, Quatrochi run away) it will be foolish to think top leaders of Congress will let Raja get the whole pie alone. Same with Commonwealth. Kalamadi couldn’t have done this without the support from party leadership and that is the only reason he is still smiling. Last 3 of 3 Chief Ministers appointed by Congress in Maharashtra are tainted. Two of them are still central minsters. Even after the reshuffle.
After a lot of questioning from people, media and courts they appointed Thomas to head investigations. Guess what! Thomas himself is corrupt and Supreme Court slashed PMs Office for this appointment. So shameless!
How all this links?
Why did the government wait for 2 years before arresting Raja? Why is this week so special to arrest him? Well, there is one more motivational factor, fear, might be at work. With Swiss leaks there is a very high probability that some top leaders finding a place in accounts list with money looted from India.  With the corruption and inflation and then knowing who is looting and stashing money in fat accounts, I think will create the perfect staging ground for ‘Tunisia effect’ where people take things in hands. The boiling point of people’s tolerance is not too far. If it explodes it will be formidable for sure!
The fear factor is forcing the Government to put up a show of arrests and investigations. Eventually nothing will happen. Even the worst terrorists don’t get any punishment in Congress Raj, forget about these corruption-terrorists getting in any sort of trouble. This arrest is a mere temporary cover up. If we wait now I think it will be too late!